Paid Puller Policy

We attempt to create a level playing field where individual performance is the only factor driving a competitor’s results: not extraneous factors.  As part of this spirit of competition, it is important to allow no special privileges to any competitor.  Target-pulling is a mandatory duty that all competitors are expected to perform.  Exceptions are described below.

  1. Competitors Over Age 80 are NOT required to perform pits duty.  See 2. below, for additional requirements. 

  2. Any competitor desiring a paid puller IS allowed to use one, under the following conditions:

    • Competitors with paid pullers ARE required to go to the pits with their relay.  They can help their paid puller, relax in the pits with their puller, or perform alternate duties as required by the pits boss.

      • those over age 80 and those with physical disability certificates from the NRA are exempted from this requirement.

    • In most cases, the competitor is responsible for securing a paid puller: not the match director.

    • The match director must be notified via email at least 72 hours before the event, that a paid puller will be used.  The puller’s name, age, phone number, and pulling experience must be stated in the notification.  Pullers must be at least 14 years old. 

    • Competitors with paid pullers ARE responsible for the quality of the pulling on their assigned target.  Competitors may be disqualified for sub-standard pulling performed on their behalf.

    • All paid pullers are under the direction and control of the pit boss.  They will pull a random target chosen by the pit boss.